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Delta Launches New Derivative Products as Trading Platform

Making money via trading cryptos was easy in 2017 when everything was moving up, practically in a straight line. Buy and Hold was the best performing strategy in the year. Alas, opportunities to make easy money don’t last.

Its been a topsy-turvy ride for cryptos in 2018. While the overarching trend has been downward, there have been short lived rallies too. To navigate these markets profitably, a trader needs two things: (a) ability to both long and short, and (b) leverage. The exact two things that are quintessential to derivatives.

Given this, it is no surprise that cryptocurrency derivatives, especially Futures, are going mainstream rapidly. This is reflected in the sharp rise in trading volumes at derivatives exchanges like BitMex and OkEx. Further, this growth is also attracting experienced derivatives traders to the space.

A prime example of this trend is Delta Exchange. Delta is an exchange dedicated to cryptocurrency derivatives. The founding team is comprised of ex Citi and UBS employees that have in the past traded derivatives. The team started working on building the exchange in early 2018 and have launched recently, although their mock trading platform had been live for a couple of months already.

Announcing their launch in a Medium post last week, Delta team called cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency derivatives “an idea whose time has come“. Currently a  BTC-USD Futures contract that offers 20x leverage is listed on the platform. The Delta team promises to list more contracts shortly. Further, to inceltivize early users, trading commissions for the month of August have been waived off.

The founding team of Delta is solid, their trading platform feels mature & well-designed, and they are operating in a space that’s increasing coming in vogue. I have a feeling that we will be hearing a lot more about team and company in the coming days and months.

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Eleni Steinman

Eleni worked as a business consultant in Yale. She believes that new technologies have tremendous impact on everyone’s life and poses big opportunities for businesses. She got into cryptocurrencies soon after Ethereum showcased various applications of blockchain.