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Does Bulwark have the Potential to be the Best POS/Masternode Cryptocurrency?

Work for the PIVX fork, known as Bulwark was initiated in December 2017, just around the time people were glued to market due to rising prices. But while the project is still in its initial stages, there’s plenty expected from it and here’s why we think it has the potential to be a highly priced Masternode cryptocurrency.

3 Reasons to believe in Bulwark:

Bringing a change hardware changes

While cryptocurrencies like Dash and PIVX have already laid a strong foundation, the major challenge for Bulwark is to better it. And by focusing on improving hardware rather than just software or coin mixing, that’s exactly what you can expect from Bulwark.

With the recent release of the Home node in May and with work continuing on the Home router and the Bulwark wallet, there’ plenty to come from Bulwark in the upcoming months.  The main aim of these updates is to make setting up masternodes simpler while giving the control over privacy firmly into the user’s hand.

Proof of stake protocol

If you have a private wallet on your home network, you get rewarded BWK tokens for maintaining privacy and speeding up transactions over the network. Yup, that’s because you’re a miner and the main benefit of the POS protocol is that you get all these rewards without having to invest in extra hardware or pay high electricity bills.


Masternodes are the talk of the town when it comes to Bulwark. Once you’ve acquired the 5000 BWK collateral BWK tokens, setting up each masternode with the Home Node is a cake walk and currently, cheaper too.

That’s because during the bull, these masternodes would have cost you $70,000 but now you can have them up for just $4000 (the current cost of 5000 BWK tokens) with returns of the same amount expected in 8-9 months.

2 Changes Bulwark should make to become a mainstream project

Market Liquidity

Bulwark currently has a low trade volume and considering the bearish market, getting it on an uptrend in sure to be challenging. But if Bulwark is to compete with the best, getting listed on top exchanges like Binance etc. should be a priority.

This helps them reach out to a wider range of buyer’s and at the same time build confidence in the present community.

On the upside, the low prices offer the perfect start-point for new investors looking to make huge profits.

Market to and educate the people

While we appreciate their no-hype policy and willingness to involve the community in the development process, to spread their roots, Bulwark needs to seriously look into upping their marketing and advertising efforts. This helps educate the common man about what they are doing and how it makes a difference. This, in turn, will encourage people to invest in the project.


Like we mentioned before, Bulwark is still in its initial stages but that’s the beauty of it. Yup, there’s always the risk but with greater risks come greater rewards just like in case of Bitcoin or Ethereum or even Dash. Imagine setting up a Dash masternode when it was priced at $4000-$5000?

Source Article: Privacy is the Future of CryptoCurrencies — is this the next Best Privacy Focused POS/Masternode Cryptocurrency?

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